Multi Marketing USA Sports Sponsorship Services

Multi Marketing USA has partnered up with Seasteps, LTD., to provide sports sponsorship in the sail boat regatta races held in Europe this 2016. We have exclusivity with one of the most experienced teams in the sport, Team Ever-Able. Our team will perform two major Regatta Races in the Summer of 2016.

Why Corporate Sponsorship?

A company has three key reasons to buy into sponsorship: sales concessions; brand association/exposure; and hospitality opportunities. Other reasons could be to generate an internal focus for employees; or as a positioning strategy to win a particular one-off deal; or to support a major customer or business partner that may already be in a sponsorship arrangement. In the coming days we are going to be listing more information regarding our sports sponsorship program. If you are interested in learning more about our services in sponsorship please contact us by filling our form or calling us at the number below.